Storrington Bowling Club
West Street,
RH20 4EE.
Tel: 01903 744809

Men's Honours

2017Pauline Bain
2016C. Walter
2015J. Wormull
2014D. Ogley
2013D. Ogley
2012D. Ogley
2011D. Ogley
2010D. Ogley
2009M. Roberts
2006Ann Jerrard
2005Ann Jerrard
2004Roy. R. Smith
2003Roy. R. Smith
2002C.R. Pettet
2001C.R. Pettet
2000R.E. Herman
1999R.E. Herman
1998R.E. Herman
1997P.A. Murphy
1996P.A. Murphy
1995R.J. Streeter
1994R.J. Streeter
1993C.P. Dalton
1992C.P. Dalton
1991S.C. Ridge
1990S.C. Ridge
1989T. Grimwood
1988T. Grimwood
1987T. Grimwood
1986T. Grimwood
1985T. Grimwood
1984N. Davies
1983R.T. Capewell
1982J. Chelton
1981A. Knagg
1980S.J. Thomson
1979A.P. Farrant
1978W.R. Spooner
1977A.L. Wake
1976M.F.R. White
1974L.G. Wickens
1973A.L. Wake
1972A.L. Wake
1971J.M. Maurice
1970J.M. Maurice
1969J.M. Maurice
1968J. Turner
1967J. Turner
1966J. Turner
1965A.L. Wake
1964A.L. Wake
1963R.D. East
1962H.N. Best M.B.E.
1961H.N. Best M.B.E.
1960H.N. Best M.B.E.
1959W.J. Dodd
1958W.J. Dodd
1957P.A. Cragg
1956P.A. Cragg
1955P.A. Cragg
1954P.A. Cragg
1953N.N. Marsh
1952Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1951Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1950Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1949Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1948Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1947Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1946Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1945Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1944Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1943Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1942Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1941Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1940Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1939Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1938Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1937Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1936Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1935Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1934Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1933Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1932Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1931Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1930Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1929Lt.Col. H. Ravenscroft J.P.
1928Earl Winterton MP
1927Earl Winterton MP
1926Earl Winterton MP
1925Earl Winterton MP
1924Earl Winterton MP
1923Earl Winterton MP
1922Earl Winterton MP
1921Earl Winterton MP
2017J. Rimmer
2016J. Rimmer
2015D. Ogley
Mens Captain
2017D. Larcombe
2016G. Page
2015G. Page
2014P. Leatherbarrow
2013C. Walter
2012C. Walter
2011R. McBeth
2010R. McBeth
2009D. Ogley
2008D. Ogley
2007D. Ogley
2006J. Rimmer
2005J. Rimmer
2004P. Brooker
2003P. Brooker
2002M. Roberts
2001M. Roberts
2000F. Francksen
1997C.R. Pettet
1996C.R. Pettet
1995T.E. Gill
1994T.E. Gill
1993R.J. Streeter
1992R.J. Streeter
1991L.M. Bell
1990L.M. Bell
1989D. Harrison
1988D. Harrison
1987H. Spencer
1986H. Spencer
1985H. Spencer
1984D. Joyce
1983D. Joyce
1982J.A. Cooper
1981R.T. Capewell
1980R.T. Capewell
1979A.M. Ohara
1978R.T. Capewell
1977V.A. Rouse
1976V.A. Rouse
1975J.G. Youngman
1974W.R. Spooner
1973W.R. Spooner
1972W.R. Spooner
1971W.R. Spooner
1970W.R. Spooner
1969W.R. Spooner
1968W.R. Spooner
1967A.L. Wake
1966A.L. Wake
1965A.L. Wake
1964A.L. Wake
1963W.G. Butt
1962W.G. Butt
1961J.M. Maurice
1960J.M. Maurice
1959R.W. Bunday
1958R.W. Bunday
1957R. Sumner
1956J. Turner
1955J. Turner
1954Maj. P.W. Lynch
1953Maj. P.W. Lynch
1952R.D. East
1951W.J. Dodd
1950W.H. Wicker
1949W. Williams
1948W. Williams
1947R.D. East
1946P.A. Cragg
1945P.A. Cragg
1944W.A. Edwards
1943W.A. Edwards
1942C.K. Ledger
1941C.K. Ledger
1940C.K. Ledger
1939C.K. Ledger
1938C.K. Ledger
1937G.A. Sumner
1936G.A. Sumner
1935G.A. Sumner
1934A.J. Lee
1933A.J. Lee
1932A.J. Lee
1931G.A. Sumner
1930G.A. Sumner
1929G.T. Smith
1928G.T. Smith
1927T.A. Carew Gibson
1926T.A. Carew Gibson
1925T.A. Carew Gibson
1924T.A. Carew Gibson
1923T.A. Carew Gibson
1922T.A. Carew Gibson
1921T.A. Carew Gibson
Mens Champion
2015I. Younger
2014I. Younger
2013D. Ogley
2012A. Ackerman
2011A. Ackerman
2010A. Ackerman
2009A. Ackerman
2008T. Reeves
2007A. Ackerman
2006A. Ackerman
2004A. Ackerman
2003P. Newman
2002P. Halewood
2001A. Ackerman
2000C. Owen
1999I. Younger
1998T.J. Crispin
1997R.W. Bishop
1996R.W. Bishop
1993H. Spencer
1987G.E. Gerrard
1986R.Adm. K.G.Ager CB
1985G.E. Gerrard
1984G.E. Gerrard
1983R.T. Capewell
1982G.E. Gerrard
1981L.D. Hamilton
1980L.D. Hamilton
1979F.G. Quinn
1978G.E. Gerrard
1977G.E. Gerrard
1976G.E. Gerrard
1975L.G. Wickens
1973L.G. Wickens
1972L.G. Wickens
1971A.L. Wake
1969J.M. Maurice
1968L.E. Cross
1967L.E. Cross
1966W.R. Spooner
1965W.G. Butt
1964F. King
1963W.R. Spooner
1962L.H. Mead
1961R.D. East
1960R.D. East
1959E.E. Mortimer
1958J.M. Maurice
1957L.H. Mead
1956J.M. Maurice
1955J. Turner
1954W.E. Crockford
1953L.H. Mead
1952J. Turner
1951J.M. Maurice
1950W. Martin
1949E.R. Huffer
1948A.C. Greenfield
1947W. Martin
1946W.E. Crockford
1945W.E. Crockford
1944L.G. Wickens
1943J. Page
1942H. Lillywhite
1941E.W. Daley
1940H. Lillywhite
1939G.A. Sumner
1938W.A. Fox
1937G.A. Sumner
1936G.A. Sumner
1935W.A. Fox
1934G.A. Sumner
1933A.J. Lee
1932F.R. Huffer
1931F.R. Huffer
1930H. Lillywhite
1929A.J. Lee
1928F.R. Huffer
1927T.A. Carew Gibson
1926Capt. J. Hibbert
External Honours
2010I. YoungerW&DBA Jaques Cup Winner
2010I. Younger & D. OgleyW&DBA Pairs Winners
2009R. PettetPresident S.C.B.A Centenary Year
2008G. RudgeMichael Newth Trophy
2007A. AckermanW&DBA Jaques Cup Champion of Champions
2007D. BainS.C.B.A Secretary
2006A. AckermanSussex C.B.A Unbadged Singles Winner
2006A & J. AckermanW&DBA Summer Cup Mixed Pairs Winners
2005I. YoungerW&DBA Jaques Cup Champion of Champions
2003Storrington BCDivision 2 Winners
2003D. & P. Bain/ R. Bishop & A. JerrardSussex Mixed Fours Runners Up.
1999P.A. MurphyPresident S.C.B.A
1997Storrington BCDivision 2 Winners
1992G.Rudge & P. BainW&DBA Mixed Pairs Champions
1991G. RudgeW&DBA Jaques Cup Champion of Champions

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