Storrington Bowling Club
West Street,
RH20 4EE.
Tel: 01903 744809


Season 2017
Mens Singles Championship
Prelim RoundLast 16Q-FinalS-FinalFinal
T Gledhill 16I Petrie w/oI Petrie 19G Page 12M O'Brien  
I Petrie 21
J Rimmer w/oJ Rimmer
D Larcombe
H White w/oH White 11G Page 21
H Kendall
G Page 21G Page 22
S McGeachie 10
D Bain 10D Chinn 23D Chinn 18M O'Brien 21
D Chinn 21
M Humphrey 5B Bona 17
B Bona 22
J Wharmby 3M O'Brien 22M O'Brien 22
M O'Brien 21
A Head 21A Head 17
R Naldrett 15
N Tewsley T Izon 5P Coles I Younger 21I Younger  
T Izon w/o
  P Coles 21
  I Younger 21I Younger w/o
  P Newman 19
  G Newman 21G Newman 11P Leatherbarrow 2
  L Wilson 7
  P Leatherbarrow 21P Leatherbarrow 21
  P Monk 11
Mens Singles Handicap (Lindsay)
Prelim RoundLast 16Q-FinalS-FinalFinal
I Petrie 14S McGeachie 21S McGeachie 6I Younger 9P Leatherbarrow  
S McGeachie 23
D Larcombe G Page 19
G Page w/o
D Bain 11P Coles 7I Younger 26
P Coles 21
I Younger w/oI Younger 26
P Monk
  A Sinclair 9B Bona 11P Leatherbarrow 21
  B Bona 26
  D Chinn 19P Leatherbarrow 26
  P Leatherbarrow 23
  J Wharmby G Newman 22G Newman 23G Newman  
  G Newman w/o
  A Head 27A Head 16
  L Wilson 20
  N Tewsley 22N Tewsley 19R Naldrett 18
  S Kersley 16
  R Naldrett 21R Naldrett 24
  M O'Brien 19
Mens Singles Handicap (Ravenscroft)
Prelim RoundQ-FinalS-FinalFinal
D Larcombe G Newman B Bona 13L Wilson  
G Newman w/o
A Head 19B Bona w/o
B Bona 21
I Petrie 17L Wilson 22L Wilson 21
L Wilson 21
A Sinclair 20T Izon 7
T Izon 25
P Monk P Newman 18P Coles 13R Naldrett  
P Newman w/o
M Humphrey 7P Coles 22
P Coles 24
  J Wharmby 12R Naldrett 22
  R Naldrett 25
Mixed Vets Singles
Prelim RoundLast 16Q-FinalS-FinalFinal
T Gledhill 20S McGeachie 22S McGeachie 2G Page 22G Page  
S McGeachie 21
L Wilson 19P Newman 18
P Newman 21
P Coles 22P Coles 6G Page 21
D Bain 15
G Page 23G Page 23
T Izon 4
J Wharmby 22J Wharmby 7H Kendall 9H White 17
M Humphries 14
  H Kendall 21
  H White 21H White 21
  R Naldrett 15
  R Pettet 21R Pettet 8A Head 12Pauline Bain  
  P Monk 12
  A Head 22A Head 21
  Valerie Kerry 14
  Pauline Bain 22Pauline Bain w/oPauline Bain 21
  N Tewsley 18
  Jackie Francksen w/oJackie Francksen
  D Larcombe
Mens 2 Wood Singles Handicap
Prelim RoundQ-FinalS-FinalFinal
G Page 17G Page 15G Page 14G Page  
N Tewsley 6
P Monk A Head 8
A Head w/o
J Wharmby w/oJ Wharmby I Petrie 6
D Larcombe
I Petrie 13I Petrie w/o
P Coles 12
  T Gledhill I Younger 16I Younger  
  I Younger w/o
  D Bain 7M O'Brien 5
  M O'Brien 15
Murphy Cup
Prelim RoundQ-FinalS-FinalFinal
P Weaver 5M Pilcher 21M Pilcher 13S Sherlock  
M Pilcher 21
T Izon 21T Izon 17
R Fenn 9
S Sherlock 21S Sherlock 21S Sherlock 21
G Lockerbie 13
R Taylor 21R Taylor 13
J Reed 13
  N Griffin 21N Griffin 13M Cleary  
  M Humphries 7
  M Cleary 20M Cleary 25
  A Sinclair 18
Ladies Singles Championship
Prelim RoundQ-FinalS-FinalFinal
Pauline Bain        
Jennifer Penny  
Valerie Kerry 21Valerie Kerry  
Ann Page 11
  Pam Coomer    
  Jackie Francksen  
  Joy Newman      
  Pat Petrie  
  Ann McGeachie    
  Pam Healy  
Ladies Singles Handicap
Prelim RoundQ-FinalS-FinalFinal
Pat Hazelton        
Ann McGeachie  
Pat Petrie    
Joy Newman  
Pam Coomer 22Pam Coomer    
Jackie Francksen 19
  Ann Page  
  Valerie Kerry      
  Jennifer Penny  
  Jane Sinclair    
  Pauline Bain  
Ladies Silver Jubilee Plate
Jane Sinclair    
Jennifer Penny  
Pat Petrie    
Pam Davis  

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